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Chuginadak Island DXpedition IOTA NA-234 New One

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2008-07-21 Hot News!
NA-234 (IOTA NEW ONE!) Latest news from the Team/KL7/mm as of 07/21/2008 18PM:

The weather is not comfortable. Temp is + 7...8 degrees. It's raining. There are strong wind and ocean waves there. The team expect to see the Island in 2 hours approximately (if everything is going well!) But they still does not know, if they manage to land today or tomorrow (depending on weather).
The Team had a night rest in settlement Nikolsky yesterday. The departure from there was not easy also because of ocean.
The expedition members would like very much to step on the Islands' ground and to prepare the equipment to operate from NA-234 in the air.

Wish them GOOD LUCK!
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5 Alyssa  

Please report on how you are, what you see, we are not sure about your safety there. We are glad that you are on board the boat and not on land yet.

Alyssa & Angela

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4 Johnny  
KL7DX Expedition team now offshore waiting for eruption to stop. No news yet when landing is possible.

Johnny KE7V

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3 Joe Lovick  
Hey this island is currently erupting, please see
eruption started about 20:00 UTC

see for details

I would not suggest landing, return to Nikolsky and let AVO know that you are safe!

if anyone else has contact details for this group please contact AVO, (USA) 907 786 7497

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2 Ron  
Way to go gang.. Keep safe...I am thinking about you all

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1 na-234  
Новости от Сергея RA3NAN/KL7/MM на 18.00 UTC (2008-07-21)

Погода +7…8 градусов. Дождь. Сильная волна. Через 2 часа (по расчётам) планируют подходить к острову. Не знают, смогут ли сегодня высадиться или отложат высадку до завтра. Вчера ночевали в посёлке Никольском.
Также не просто, из за волн, осуществляли отплытие. Из-за погоды и беспокойного океана, на вулкан уже внимания не обращают. smile Очень уже хотят ступить на твердую землю и начать проводить первые радиосвязи.

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